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Ask for 3-Step Quotes, Quick Quotes

Quick Quotes

Check out the three simple steps to submit an article or service to us below for a quotation.

After we receive your quote request, we will review for best price taking into account the quantities requested and then submit the re-quotation to you by email and directly in your account of our online store.

After your final análize, you can approve the quotation by proceeding to checkout or reject the quotation getting this rejected also on our side.

Always note the expiration date of the quotation (the day it expires) as you can only checkout until that expiration date.

Request for Quotations in 3-Step

The Shopping Cart of our online store works as Dual Cart i.e. two features in a single shopping cart.

A feature will be for the Standard Checkout that allows the purchase of products in the online store by choosing the address and shipping method followed also by the payment method.

In another feature makes it possible to quotation the items that were chosen as a quotation request contained in the same shopping cart.

The same shopping cart during your online store session may contain products to finalize the purchase as soon as you intend to do so and may contain products that you have chosen to submit for quotation.

See how to add products to cart:

  • If the product does not allow it to be submitted for quotation because the button for this purpose is not shown or shows this button and you want to buy without asking any question then click the button Buy.
  • If you want to quotation one or more products and services as long as they allow it then just click the Request a Quote button and the item goes to the same shopping cart but can only finalize purchases of products not submitted for quotation.

In the main menu located in the upper right corner with the icon intended to show the shopping cart options if you have already added articles and selecting this menu checks that contain the list of items that have been added, just below in the same menu sees three buttons described below:

Ask for Quote

  • Clicking this button goes straight to the page containing the list of products added to the cart for the purpose of asking for quote.
  • On the page with the articles listed below is two buttons, a Continue button which allows you to continue in the store if you do not want to finish the order, and another button Finalize to finalize the quotation request if you want to do so immediately.

View Cart

  • Clishing this button goes straight to the page containing the list of products added to the cart for the purpose of proceeding directly to checkout in order to finalize the purchase of the items only those that have been selected for this purpose.

Fine Purchases

  • Clishing this button goes straight to the page that allows direct chekout without going through the page that contains the list of products added to the cart, but on this same page can also view them.

In this step you should already find on the page that contains the list of products added to the cart for the purpose of asking for a quote.

Then you can click the Finalize button to finalize the quote request and you will be directed to the page that allows you to confirm the data regarding delivery details, shipping method and payment.

Please see the last step next 5.